Speed, Agility, Conditioning Program

BQuick Focus's On:

Education on Health, Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition--education is the foundation of our programs, influencing all of our clients and athletes to make informed decisions in their lives. Nutrition and how we fuel our bodies is the final component of healthy lifestyle.

Speed and Agility--the most important aspect of an athlete's game today, there is no substitute for speed!

Conditioning--being conditioned is very important for overall cardiovascular health and playing the complete game!

Strength and Resistance Training--can help kids to achieve a greater strength, speed, and can give them greater confidence in themselves and their abilities!

Flexibility--dynamic flexibility, yoga, and pilates, and assisted flexibility drills.

Core Training--on of the most important parts of the body, where every movement is initiated from, the spine!

Goal Setting--how do we know where we are going if we do not have goals set for ourselves?

Performance Testing--we test certain events for certain sports to know what we need to work on to become a better athlete.

Fitness Games--fun games that allow us to work skills, dills, and conditioning. Drill Tag, relays, and Tiger Ball are just to name a few.

Childhood Obesity Prevention--this epidemic is sweeping the nation and we are going to do everything in our power to prevent it!!!!!!

Balance, Coordination, and Neuromuscular Training--this helps kids with motor learning, which can not only help them on the field, but also in the classroom as they learn to read and write and also helps to prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Are YOU up for the Challenge?

Would you like to increase your chances of beating your competitor off the line? Do you have the need to increase your explosive power? FIND OUT ONE REASON WHY BQUICK IS THE ONLY ONE IN THE STATE FOR THE JOB!

SPEED is the Name of the Game

BQuick Athletic Development strives to provide the most elite coaching and speed, agility, conditioning programs around! 
We perform movement training, functional for the individual athletes or teams, clubs and PE programs to help our athletes achieve their specific, individual performance-based and team goals!

We train our athletes to move their bodies as one unit, as efficiently as possible, in any direction they are going.  We take this approach whether on the field, in the weight-room, or doing our flexibility work.  All of the drills and exercises we perform in training are to increase speed and performance, because in today's competitive athletic world, SPEED is the name of the game.

BQuick Athletic Development works to educate and convey the importance to our athletes that as you move up levels, from recreation to junior high, high school to college, and college to pro, it is the speed of the game and it's players that are constantly changing and increasing their performance and ability level, most notably, SPEED in everything they do.

Why not start now, whatever your age, developing the skills that will allow you to take your game to the next level?

The younger the athlete, the more they are able to program their bodies for perfect form and technique, considering their young minds and bodies are still developing.  We see a lot of young athletes without much coordination coming to us to help improve their various skills and coordination.  When we are young and growing it's hard to keep a grasp on our kinesthetic awareness and proprioception (where our bodies are in space), but through proper, consistent training, we are able to keep a grasp on this as we grow and develop, thus giving us a better chance to know our bodies which will help us to perform better and give us the various tools to help us reach our goals, dreams and aspirations!

BQuick Athletic Development is available to train your team, club or organization!

We do this several ways:  at one of our facilities in which we have our programs, and also on-site at your school or facility to implement our programs there for your convenience and so that your athletes can work in their own school or facility to promote team unity and ingrain the importance of tradition to those respective teams.

We can train your athletes before, during or after school at the athletes' and coaches' convenience.

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