RMR / EMR Testing

We offer two specific metabolic tests to achieve your weight management and fitness goals:

RMR TESTING  (resting metabolic rate) This test is designed to test your resting metabolic rate to determine exactly how many calories you are currently burning per day at rest to carry out your autonomic nervous system functions (ex: heartbeat, brain activity, lung function, etc.). When provided with these test results we are more informed of your body's current metabolic rate. This allows us to adjust your diet and exercise routine according to your specific goals and aspirations.  We can help design a program to manage your weight, weight loss, or weight gain depending on your specific goals.  People who use this test include:  women and men looking to manage their weight, with more science and specifics as it relates to their body's, and athletes looking to gain, lose, or manage weight.  This test will also give us your BMI (body mass index), which many Doctors and Insurance Companies use as an indicator of your physical fitness, body structure (lean and fat mass), and as an indicator to determine if you are at risk for any health issues.

EMR TESTING  (exercise metabolic rate) - Within an EMR Test, we are able to determine 3 things as they relate to your individual energy systems, Aerobic Base (AB), Anaerobic/Lactate Threshold (AT/LT), and VO2max.  Aerobic Base is the exact hearbeat at which you body is most efficient at burning fats and carbohydrates for fuels.  This is where our body's are most efficient at burning fuels for energy, and this is the zone in which we feel comfortable and can stay at for a long period of time.  Anaerobic/Lactate Threshold is the exact heartbeat at which you body is burning predominantly carbohydrates for fuel.  This is at a high intensity level and heartrate, and thus cannot be held for long periods of time because we only have so much glycogen (carbohydrates) stored in both the liver and muscle cells before we run out and cannot sustain that level of intensity.  VO2max gives us an indicator of our overall fitness level, and is our greatest limiting factor.  When we exercise and take in oxygen, that oxygen binds to fuels in our blood (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins) to be delivered to our cells for fuel.  If we can only take in a certain amount of oxygen per minute (VO2max is measured in ml/kg/min), then we will only be able to perform that amount of work as it relates to our maximal oxygen consumption, which is what VO2max is. 
To put this in perspective, Lance Armstrong's VO2max when he was in peak condition and winning the Tour de France, was 85 ml/kg/minute.  A great VO2max for an individual who is conditioned but is not necessarily an athlete is anywhere between 30-60 ml/kg/min, and taking into account whether or not the individual is a male or female is important too because females' VO2max's are usually a little lower.  By determining these three very important factors of your energy systems, we can design and implement certain workouts for you to perform to achieve your individual goals and aspirations as they relate to both your overall fitness levels and your weight management goals.  Instead of just "doing cardio for 30 minutes", you can do your cardiovascular training for 30 minutes in your specific zones as they relate to your energy systems. 
We have had men and women who have lost 3-5 pounds in the first 3 days of implementing these individualized , specific workouts.  Also, people close to them notice right way and are asking them what they are doing differently.  To hear about some of these stories, please click on testimonials.  EMR testing can be performed on our stationary bike, treadmill, or on your own bike on our bike trainer.

RMR/EMR TESTimonials

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