Personal Training
BQuick Athletic Development offers two options with our Personal Training Services:  Individual or Small Group.  We train at any of our facilities, your facility, or in your home.  We will to provide you with the best training and coaching to achieve your specific goals. 

As always, our principles are variation and balance in training.  Workouts will change daily, and will incorporate the entire body.  We do not just lift, rather, we provide well-balanced training through strength training, cardiovascular training, nutritional guidance and advice, flexibility and core training.

We can accomplish all of these things within our one hour training sessions, although more time may be spent per session upon request.

Individual Training

One on One, individual sessions are offered and our coaches and trainers give you 100% of their attention!  We always pay attention to the last precise detail, however, when we engage with a client one on one we are able to focus on and pay attention to every last detail and the needs and goals of that client.

This is our premium training option, where it's all about you!

Small Group Training

A small group is anywhere from 2-10 clients in a session.  Clients' specific, individual needs are focused on and met, but in a group setting.

This training can be done with friends, or with others who are working toward the same goals.  Recent studies have found that excercising with friends and individuals working towards a common goal are more likely to motivate one another. Another advantage to group training is it is more cost effective, as the rates for this type of training decrease significantly compared to one on one training.

Why not put together a group of friends or coworkers and get started today?  
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