Speed, Strength, and Performance Enhancement

BQuick Athletic Development At Franco's Athletic Club

BQuick Athletic Development At Franco's Athletic Club - Speed, Strength,  and Performance Enhancement
This is our overall program for performance enhancement. Everything we do in training is based on Speed!

In the weight-room and during our strength workouts we perform olympic and auxiliary lifts to train and improve strength in the overall musculature of the body. Athletes will train their entire body 3 times per week. Our general rule of thumb is that all athletes under 12 years old will perform body-weight exercises and exercises with light body bars and dumbbells, never exceeding their body weight and lifting more for form and technique more than anything else. Athletes 12 and over are allowed to exceed their body weight when and only when, they achieve close to perfect form and technique in any and all lifts. Everything we do is functional for the individual athlete/team and their respective sport(s). Our workouts change daily to provide for variation in training so that our athletes' bodies do not adapt to one thing in particular and plateau, rather, we strive to "shock" the body with new training everyday, in order to achieve maximal performance enhancement for each and every athlete, each and every workout. We also do this to make sure that each athlete is balanced throughout the body to achieve maximal strength levels, and also to decrease their chance for injury significantly. We periodize our workouts as well, to ensure that our athletes have intense weeks, medium weeks, and light/active recovery weeks to allow their bodies to adapt to the demands which we place upon them. We also include functional exercises and plyometric and movement training into our strength workouts as well. We train the core of the body each and every day, because the core is the central unit of the body which allows our other movements and strength to be as efficient as possible.

Our speed workouts are designed to improve overall speed and efficiency of movement, functional to the sports and respective movements in those sports that athletes will perform. Again, everything we do, whether on the field, in the weight-room or through our flexibility work, is designed to increase speed and explosiveness. We train the three inherent energy systems of the body, and their specific demands depending on the specific sport that the athlete plays.

Flexibility Training:
We use several methods of flexibility training, most notably: Yoga, Pilates, and Dynamic Flexibility. Because of the nature of how and when we train flexibility, we also simultaneously train the core of our bodies as well, as most of our flexibility postures are stabilized by the core, or center, of the body.

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Why is Flexibility Important?

•Injury Prevention: pulled (strained) muscles and tendons, myofascial adhesions, sprained ligaments

•Rubber Band Principle: the longer our muscles are, the more force they can potentially generate

•Warming Up: lengthening the musculature in motion, before we move (dynamic or ballistic flexibility)

•Vitality and Longevity: we release tension within the body when stretching and breathing simultaneously. We can use our breath as a tool to lengthen our musculature through an increased range of motion and release tension from certain parts of the body where it is held

•Balance: an overall balance in your program

Three Types of Flexibility

•Dynamic: flexibility in motion, to be used in preparation for a training session or competition

•Ballistic: explosive stretching where a muscle group is lengthened through the full range of motion explosively, to be used by specific athletes prior to a training session or competition

•Static: holding stretches in a certain range of motion, which should be done after a training session or competition for recovery, and certain postures can be incorporated into training sessions for corework as well

These programs are available at Franco's Athletic Club, and also per your request at your respective school and facility. Let Bquick Athletic Development service your students and members by implementing a BQuick Athletic Development program today.

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