BQ Kids
Our BQKids programs are in development and are designed to address the childhood obesity epidemic in this country.

BQuick believes that by engaging kids in fitness and educational programs that are fun and interactive, we can reach out to kids at a crucial age in their development so that they can make independent, informed decisions as it relates to their health, wellness, vitality and longevity. In doing so, this will help them achieve their specific goals and live a healthy lifestyle. This education will last them a lifetime, and will afford them the empowerment to continue moving and exercising on a daily basis, which will have a dramatic effect on their lives and the lives of their future children and the generations to come. With an increase in diabetes in children, it is evident that previous generations have not done their part to take care of the future generations.

Exercise also has a profound affect on growth, development, and cognitive skills. The more a child moves and places those specific demands upon the body, the more growth hormone will be released to correspond/meet those demands. As a result, kids will maximize their growth potential. By engaging kids in neuromuscular training, it aids in developing their cognitive skills and certain tasks in school such as reading and writing. This type of training also helps to prevent Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's by continually working the neuromuscular system and the impulses and signals from the brain to the spinal cord to the nerves and finally to the musculature to perform that specific movement.

We are committed to the Kids in this community and country, and will strive to ease and eliminate the childhood obesity epidemic now and for generations to come!
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